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03 Aug '19

Flower Forcast

Posted by Ann Engelbrecht
This is why we never leave your bouquet "at the door" It is WAY too hot out to abandon arrangements on the welcome mat! Sprout Protocol keeps your flowers well cared for until received in person.

1. Sprout Staff personally arrives & rings doorbell. πŸ””

2. No answer? We call recipient πŸ“ž Many times they are home! Other times minutes from returning.

3. No answer?
Recruit a friendly neighbor on either side to accept the flowers on their behalf. Then we leave a voice mail & delivery information notice on the doorπŸšͺ

4. Call to confirm flowers were received in good order by the recipient. ☎️

If we can not reach the recipient in this process then YOU the sender get notified in the hope they already called to say how much they loved the flowers!! ❀

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