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05 Nov '18

Ordering Online / Email / Text / Telephone after 3PM & an occasional smoke signal

Posted by Ann Engelbrecht

Online Ordering is the best way to place an order during November and December

Sprout is truly Ann Engelbrecht's design studio.  Each order is hand crafted by Ann for people who love flowers. This dedication to artistry and excellence is a commitment to fulfill each order with the same exacting standards and quality that our fine floral friends are accustomed to throughout the year.  In effort to keep up with requests we activate our virtual floral shop staff at allaboutsprout.com! Online ordering is very convenient and user friendly.  If you aren't into shopping online, have a special request, or need event decor/multiple gift baskets etc, no worries, we're just an email or quick phone call away.  Email is answered throughout the day and all telephone messages will be returned after 3 PM daily.  

Email/Texting Orders

Many of our clients have all their info in our database and send a quick email or  text request as a way to order fast and conveniently.  This is WONDERFUL!  If you would like to email or text, Ann will reply ASAP or after 3 that same day.  Please know same day delivery is not available at this time UNLESS we can; however, no promises!  (you know I TRY)

HOT SHOT DELIVERY is available for emergency floral situations.  Please email  "Floral 911" in the subject line of your note to ann@allaboutsprout.com and I will return your call as promptly as possible.  


Black Out Dates apply.  Overriding delivery dates (not filling the form in) will place your order on the next available date.  Overridden delivery date orders can be refunded at a 6% service fee. 

We reserve weekends for events and book up very early.  Please book YOUR event as soon as possible.  

We are closed Sundays

Thank you, as always, for your generous support of my little flower shop!  The holiday season is such a joy and equally as challenging.  It's nice to be so wanted, and terrible to have to say 'no' when the demand exceeds the time available to design beautiful one of a kind gifts, wreaths, events & arrangements for YOU, the finest floral friends.

With MUCH appreciation,



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