Orchid Window Boxes

window boxes are are easy care andwill bloom for months.

Exotic Orchid $150 - $175 -$200

Blooming Garden Baskets

Beautiful Blooming Planters embellished in ribbons and fragrant potpourri presents too!

$75 - 100- $125 and up

Outstanding Orchids

Known for their long lasting beauty, these Orchids will thrive for months.

Single Plants $75 - $100

Doubles $150

Orchid Windowboxes $150 - $200

Window Box Orchids

Fragrance Collections

Click image to see bonus features

Two gifts in one

Rose Globe $25

Hydrangeas Available in Purple too!

Click to see inside

Succulent Assortment

Yard Balloon Bouquets make the PERFECT gift for Mom's that are strictly following social distancing. We place in the yard with a view from her window, then call to confirm she sees the BIG IMPACT with NO CONTACT