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23 Nov '19

Calendar of Booked Dates

Posted by Ann Engelbrecht
Thankfully Sprout is a hot commodity for Christmastime! We tend to book up early. 
Here is a calendar of our availability 
as of 11/22
[ We are closed on Sunday ]
12 Nov '19

Onling Ordering thru January 1st

Posted by Ann Engelbrecht

It is a true blessing to have the opportunity to serve flower friends in so many ways. With this in mind I have decided to accept 
Online Ordering as our primary ordering option at this time.

Secure your place on our design/delivery schedule by ordering online at allaboutsprout.com.  

Personal service is paramount here at Sprout and so if  you would like to place an order over the phone I will happily return calls after 3 o'clock each day.

The calendar fills quickly. I suggest booking early as Sprout has several blackout dates already reserved between now and Christmas. 

If ordering corporate gift baskets, wreaths as gifts or florals for your Christmas parties please order now.

Over my 30 years designing here in The Woodlands for the most wonderful flower friends anywhere I've learned  that "you can do anything, just not EVERYTHING".  I learned this the hard way; so saying "No" is a little easier for me now.  When reserving time for those who order early,  Sprout maintains superior quality, keeps on schedule, and our staff can have a healthy work/life balance.
Thank you for choosing Sprout and for ordering early


09 Feb '16

In the News......

Posted by Ann Engelbrecht

EXTRA! EXTRA! Sprout made The Houston Chronicle This Weekend! The BIG NEWS: Remember to reserve your spot on our delivery schedule while you can. ORDER TODAY!

".... Sprout Fine Floral Concept isn't too concerned about dips in sales. Owner Ann Engelbrecht is, instead, concerned about being so bombarded that she'll have to turn people away..... Engelbrecht can't fulfill every order and still maintain the detail she enjoys putting into each arrangement. Once she books her delivery calendar solid - her shop runs three delivery vans - she refers customers out...
"I have several orders already that people call and say, 'I'm ordering now because last time I called, I couldn't get you.' I don't apologize for it. If they love us, then they call us, and we're ready for them. … Like anything else, it's all about preparation," Engelbrecht said." {Edited exerpt.}


03 Feb '16

Valentine Options- You got this!

Posted by Ann Engelbrecht
Roses might be considered the flower of LOVE; however, they might not be the favorite flower of YOUR valentine.  
So, as of right now you have permission to pick a different flower!  
Seriously, you don't have to send roses to your valentine.
If you can, find out what their favorite flower is
and we will design with what they LOVE. 

"Artistry in Bloom"
Our hours are as creative as our designs
Appointments Appreciated, Walk-ins Welcome.