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06 Jul '15

Dog Days of Summer Contest

Posted by Ann Engelbrecht

It's the Dog Days of Summer. Anyone else thought they were called the Dog Days of Summer because it's seriously HOT and that makes ya dog tired?  NOPE, that's not it!   It's a Greek thing... Who knew?  In antiquity this period was reckoned as extending from 20 days before ( July 3rd) to 20 days after (August 11th) the conjunction of the dog star Sirius and the sun. Class over, now go take a picture of your dog in sunglasses.

15 Jun '15

Houston's A List Top Ten Florist

Posted by Ann Engelbrecht

This just in

Sprout a 2015 Houston TOP TEN Florist

Our Fine Floral Friends are truly Houston's BEST

Thank you for voting for us!

10 Feb '15

Happy Valentine's Week

Posted by Ann Engelbrecht
Please Note: 
Because space is very limited
there is a $150 Minimum for Valentine's Day Orders
There is no minimum requirement for any other day. 

These are the two choices most client's request, if you have another idea in mind please telephone and we will do our best to accommodate your Valentine Vision!

A  dozen long-stemmed roses  designed within a vase including lush foliage's, smaller filler flowers, decorative branches and beautiful ribbons. 
This is a very GRAND presentation.  
 Available in classic red, cherry brandy, light pink, yellow, orange, and peach


Our most popular selection is the Designer's Choice features beautiful seasonal blossoms including favorites like orchids, hydrangea,
gerbera, tulips AND of course roses too!



"Artistry in Bloom"
Our hours are as creative as our designs
Appointments Appreciated, Walk-ins Welcome.